Why I Do Not Use the Word Miscarriage

Miscarriage. I hate this word. Do you know what it means? In medical terms, it is defined as the loss of a fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. Please take a moment and say those words to yourself. How did they make you feel? When used in a medical situation, I have found my doctors and nurses … Continue reading Why I Do Not Use the Word Miscarriage

Dear Friends: A Letter of Conviction

My friends, Where do I even begin? How do we put the pieces of the world back together when you find that they never really were together? How do we fix our society when you learn that it has always been broken? How do we begin the healing when so many are hurting deeply on … Continue reading Dear Friends: A Letter of Conviction

Being Present in the Storm

My friends, the storm is real. Life has changed. I see your loss, your pain, your sorrow. And I will not take that away from you. Those feelings are valid. And I am here to listen and not judge. During this season of isolation, sudden change, so many unknowns, you may feel like your very … Continue reading Being Present in the Storm

Give Me Permission to Feel

Mama bear rant first! If you don't have kids, bear with me (pun intended!) and I promise it will be worth it! Want to know one of my biggest pet peeves? When people tell kids "shake it off", "quit crying", "stop being angry". First off, I would livid if someone told me that. As an … Continue reading Give Me Permission to Feel

My Grief Journey in One Word: Gratitude

My friends, after I lost Halia, I had to do so much soul searching. One of the first things that laid heavy on my heart was thinking about my own death... How did I want those closest to me to grieve? Would I want Nick, my husband, to bury himself in work or be curled … Continue reading My Grief Journey in One Word: Gratitude

Grief is Not a Bad Word

Grief. What a strange word. Before I lost Halia, this word had very little context to me. I thought I understood it... but frankly I had no earthly idea what true grief meant. Before our loss, I would sympathetically sit with those who lost but it did not touch me. I would hug them and … Continue reading Grief is Not a Bad Word

My Grief Journey: Taking My Grief “Box” Off the Shelf

Why are some days more difficult? To answer my question, I don't know. Why has the last few days been so hard? No idea. What has changed? Honestly, nothing that I can see... but I can feel it. I can feel that I am struggling to breathe at moments because I miss my daughter so. … Continue reading My Grief Journey: Taking My Grief “Box” Off the Shelf