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  • Being Present in the Storm

    Being Present in the Storm

    My friends, the storm is real. Life has changed. I see your loss, your pain, your sorrow. And I will not take that away from you. Those feelings are valid. And I am here to listen and not judge. During this season of isolation, sudden change, so many unknowns, you may feel like your very…

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  • My Grief Journey in One Word: Gratitude

    My Grief Journey in One Word: Gratitude

    My friends, after I lost Halia, I had to do so much soul searching. One of the first things that laid heavy on my heart was thinking about my own death… How did I want those closest to me to grieve? Would I want Nick, my husband, to bury himself in work or be curled…

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  • New Mission for a New Year!

    New Mission for a New Year!

    Living with Gratitude Empowering through Knowledge Inspiring to Fellowship Let those words sink in… Guys, I have thought so long and hard about Technically Denise and here is the honest answer… I need a new mission statement! I am not someone who is afraid to change when life throws me a curveball… and that is…

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  • Grief: Christmas Program

    Grief: Christmas Program

    As I sit here thinking about this last year, I am so grateful for how far I have come since the loss of Halia but my journey is not over. I still grieve and mourn and today is one of those days.Tonight is my son’s Christmas program and I feel my heart sink. Why should…

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  • To My Daughter: Happy Birthday in Heaven

    To My Daughter: Happy Birthday in Heaven

    Halia, my sweet girl, Happy Birthday! Where has this year gone? I cannot even begin to believe that only one year ago the hardest day of my life occurred: the day I got to hold you in my arms and say good-bye. How much you are still truly loved and truly missed. I see you…

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