Nesting Glasses

Okay, so once more, here I am after a long hiatus from writing. Why can't I just keep this going? Why don't I just quit if I do not have the time? Why, why, why? I know that we all have these moments in our lives that can make us feel so defeated (keyword: can), … Continue reading Nesting Glasses

Rainbow Series: Pregnancy, Not what I thought it would be

Friends, I have honestly been avoiding sharing most of my rainbow experience. Why? I am not completely sure... probably because the feelings are all muddled and mostly irrational. There is shame: I feel at times like I somehow caused the loss of Halia (this is bogus, by the way). There is guilt: I just lost … Continue reading Rainbow Series: Pregnancy, Not what I thought it would be

Perfection Shattered

When I began my journey to empower others through learning technology, my life was ... perfect... honestly, it felt pretty perfect.  All my plans were happening just as I dreamed they would, everything seemed to just fall into place with no effort; I had everything I wanted. This past year has been anything but perfect.  … Continue reading Perfection Shattered

Back to the Basics: ALT

So many of you loved ALT + tab that I decided to do another Back to the Basics post.  Here is a helpful starter lesson on learning your own shortcuts.  This will be the basics for endless shortcut keystrokes!  Seriously, the possibilities seem endless!  ALT: the magic key! Did you ever notice in older versions … Continue reading Back to the Basics: ALT

Chapter 1: Excel Overview

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Above is the link to the book I am reading and reviewing.  Although this first chapter may have been trying at times for me (as you are about to read), it is a very thorough book and is a great addition … Continue reading Chapter 1: Excel Overview

What if today is your day?

So this new journey has terrified me to the verge of stopping multiple times since conceiving Technically Denise. What if it fails, what if no one likes it, what if I don't like it, what if I don't know where to look for an answer, what if..., what if..., what if....... I obviously could go … Continue reading What if today is your day?

Back to the Basics: ALT + tab

Have you ever watched someone who is extremely computer savvy and felt envious as they effortlessly navigated their computer before you even knew what they were doing?  Yeah, me neither...  Okay, maybe it has happened a couple of times!  These people are so efficient with technology that they are capable of navigating the computer without … Continue reading Back to the Basics: ALT + tab

Technically, a Journey

This will be a journey...  A journey to read through technology books, starting with Excel 2016 Bible.  Exciting, right?  I guess that depends on who you ask!  I love learning technology but have HORRIBLE motivation to continue once I start.  Anyone else out there thinking, "Yep, that's me!"?  I want to blog about my journey … Continue reading Technically, a Journey