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Natural Birth (even when induced): You CAN do it!

Guys… I did this… I DID THIS!!!! It still seems surreal that this happened but it did… and I would not change a thing! First thing to know, I have given birth 4 times. My first two boys were epidural babies; Halia, my sweet heaven baby at 18 weeks, and Caleb were epidural free. So

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Give Me Permission to Feel

Mama bear rant first! If you don’t have kids, bear with me (pun intended!) and I promise it will be worth it! Want to know one of my biggest pet peeves? When people tell kids “shake it off”, “quit crying”, “stop being angry”. First off, I would livid if someone told me that. As an

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New Year: New Goals

*This post contains affiliate links.  If you decide to purchase one of these products off Amazon from the links below, I will receive a portion of the proceeds, although you will not pay more.* I remember years ago creating such amazing, inspiring, life-altering, empowering, sophisticated, ambitious goals. You know the ones, right? The ones that

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Grief is Not a Bad Word

Grief. What a strange word. Before I lost Halia, this word had very little context to me. I thought I understood it… but frankly I had no earthly idea what true grief meant. Before our loss, I would sympathetically sit with those who lost but it did not touch me. I would hug them and

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My Grief Journey: Taking My Grief "Box" Off the Shelf

Why are some days more difficult? To answer my question, I don’t know. Why has the last few days been so hard? No idea. What has changed? Honestly, nothing that I can see… but I can feel it. I can feel that I am struggling to breathe at moments because I miss my daughter so.

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New Mission for a New Year!

Living with Gratitude Empowering through Knowledge Inspiring to Fellowship Let those words sink in… Guys, I have thought so long and hard about Technically Denise and here is the honest answer… I need a new mission statement! I am not someone who is afraid to change when life throws me a curveball… and that is

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