Natural Birth (AKA no epidural!): Products to succeed, even with Pitocin!

*This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase one of these products off Amazon from the links below, I will receive a portion of the proceeds, although you will not pay more.* 

My friend, congratulations on your upcoming little one! What an exciting adventure you are embarking on! If you are anything like me, I had NO CLUE where to begin with natural birth. But have no fear… I have compiled my research of labor products into one place just for YOU!

First, I will let you in on a secret… you can do it even if you end up being induced! No, seriously, you can, and it does not need to be a horrible experience. I have listed all the products I bought specifically for my successful, Pitocin-induced natural birth and, seriously, you CAN do it! Good luck, my fellow sister in motherhood! Sending you some good vibes!

Socks with grips – Mama, those floors are cold and slick! Get you some good fuzzy socks with grips. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated having these socks during the labor and delivery process, especially going natural. To survive natural childbirth, you will want to move around hence the need for grips to keep you from slipping. Also, make sure to have a couple of back-ups; when your water breaks, … let’s just say it can get messy so come prepared!

Massage Roller – Massage, massage, massage! Am I right, ladies? Now, my husband preferred using his hands because he felt he had more control, but this may not be you. Practice with them and see if they work for you. I still brought them along just in case. Now I use them at home to give myself massages so win win.

Meditations – I used the Calm app. It contains calm music, meditations, and sleep stories. I enjoyed listening to sleep stories in the early stages of labor while trying to relax before active labor. I also found the meditations to be wonderful after birth to use during the wee hours while nursing.

Music/atmosphere – Try creating some Spotify lists for labor, one with energizing songs and another with calming. Trust me, create both. Most people talk about needing a calming atmosphere, but I desperately needed high intensity songs. Just be prepared for anything!

Oil/diffuser – This is the diffuser I bought and loved it! Right price, not too big, and did the trick. As for oils, Clary Sage really kicked my contractions into gear! Side note, don’t use clary sage until you are at least 37 weeks along because it might cause labor. I also used these scents to create a calming atmosphere. Try them ahead of time to make sure you even like the scent. For example, I really hate peppermint (makes me nauseous) and my husband hates lavender.

Hand Fan – LOVED my fan! Not only does it provide you with a cool breeze but it can also provide a light mist on your face. Rechargeable battery using USB. It was such a welcome distraction for me during the later stages of labor.

Cooling Towels – Another product that I don’t think I could have lived without. These towels felt SOOOO good towards the end. I was so hot and these just draped over my neck and kept me cool. My husband liked how easy they were to handle.

Heat Pad – Ladies, this was heavenly, especially AFTER the birth. As your uterus contracts, the cramps are wicked bad. This heating pad made the cramps more bearable without meds. It also really helps with back pains during labor. We were able to stick the pad up under the monitors and it stayed just fine.

Yoga Ball – Yes, I brought a fully inflated yoga ball into my hospital room. And I used it… a lot. I did pelvic circles while seated on it and also used it as a seat to lean over the bed, while my husband massaged my back. I am so glad I had something to sit on that kept me out of the bed. You won’t make it if you stay in the bed!

Stress Balls – These little babies are great for getting out of your head and focused on something else. And let’s be real, they are just mesmerizing any day of the week.

Bone Broth – PROTEIN!!! This is critical and you will thank me later! I brought quite a bit but forgot cups for heating it up… don’t forget the cups!

Coconut Water – Oh man, I was guzzling the coconut water! Another thing that I am beyond glad that I brought.

Lip Balm – Moisturize those lips, mama! During labor, you are doing a lot of breathing through your mouth, causing your lips to potentially get dry. To help out with this discomfort, bring some lip balm. This is the type I enjoyed.

Peppermint – Yum, peppermint! Another great tool for getting out of your head and getting a little sugar to energize you for the big finale!

Girl Power Music – Beyonce… need I say more?

Natural Birth Binder! – My friend, if you want to ultimate advice and prep, get my natural birth binder! This is filled with the actual binder I used in the hospital and more. Trust me, I could not have made it without this little baby by my side and in my husband’s hands.

If you have any other questions, just send me a message @technicallydenise. I love to hear from you guys, and I promise that I do not bite! Good luck, my sweet Mama! No matter what, you are a rockstar!

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