New Mission for a New Year!

Living with Gratitude

Empowering through Knowledge

Inspiring to Fellowship

Let those words sink in…

Guys, I have thought so long and hard about Technically Denise and here is the honest answer… I need a new mission statement! I am not someone who is afraid to change when life throws me a curveball… and that is exactly what it did. When I first started Technically Denise, I only wanted to write about technology, but it has been weighing on my heart that I am no longer called to follow my original mission. I am now being called to provide a voice for those who have lost, speak to how to live a life of gratitude in all seasons, inspire others to live abundantly and intentionally, and bring people to fellowship with one another. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love learning new technology. Seriously, I am currently addicted to the programs Evernote and AirTable (look them up if you are all about learning new things). I just believe I come alive when I live within my new mission statement. So look out world; there is a new Technically Denise in town!

On another note, I love to hear from you guys! Please don’t be a stranger because you are in this with me 🙂 Send me a message or comment below. And also, feel free to share any of these posts with a friend. Want to know what I am currently working on? Glad you asked! Here are some upcoming blog posts: my New Year’s Resolutions, Podcasts that inspire, Living small with a family of 5, and more! I hope that this will become a place where you find gratitude, knowledge, and fellowship! I am still (but different) Technically Denise and love you all! We are all rockin’ it!

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