What if today is your day?

So this new journey has terrified me to the verge of stopping multiple times since conceiving Technically Denise. What if it fails, what if no one likes it, what if I don’t like it, what if I don’t know where to look for an answer, what if…, what if…, what if……. I obviously could go on and on with the worry and anxiety that petrifies me.

I honestly would have stopped after the first “what if” moment just a few months ago, but life has changed since then (I will definitely tell this story a different day).  I am stronger now, more determined, and 100% living my life.  As they say in The Shawshank Redemption, “get busy living or get busy dying.”  And that is exactly the approach I have taken this year, and I have to say, so far, this has been the BEST year of my life!

My “what if” moments no longer control me, but I control me.  But I am still being haunted by the “what if”s, even right now, as I explore this new terrain.  I may be a fairly technical person, but am a newbie in the world of blogging and social media and feel I am in WAY over my head.  I mean, I have never used Twitter and yet here I am learning for the sake of inspiring as many people as possible (THAT IS YOU, my friend 😉).  Every time I have a “what if” moment, I fight the urge to throw my hands in the air (where is that remote when I need it!) and instead take a deep breath and break the obstacle into smaller portions, focusing on just one aspect.  When it still is too overwhelming, I do take a break (did I finally find that remote?).  And when that still does not work, I shut it down for the day and give myself the grace to stop and pick it back up at a later time.  I mean, I started, so that is something, right?  I give myself a gold star or some chocolate, you know, whatever makes you feel rewarded, and then, pick it back up later.  This could be a day, week, month, whatever I need, and that is okay.  I work hard on focusing on my accomplishments instead of all the things still undone, because, seriously, I am one step closer to my goal just by starting.  I can do this and so can you!

What is it that you want to accomplish today?  Maybe you won’t reach all of your goals, BUT you are still a little closer just for having started and that is worth a celebration!  Celebrate you today! And “what if” it is the best decision ever?

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