Back to the Basics: ALT + tab

Have you ever watched someone who is extremely computer savvy and felt envious as they effortlessly navigated their computer before you even knew what they were doing?  Yeah, me neither…  Okay, maybe it has happened a couple of times!  These people are so efficient with technology that they are capable of navigating the computer without a mouse in absolutely no time at all.  I dream of being able to do this but am not quite there… my mouse will lives another day 🙂  The first step to going mouse-free is to learn a few shortcut key stokes; let’s start with one of my most used shortcut key strokes: ALT + tab (see below).  Mac users: Command + tab  altIf you have never used this shortcut, then prepare to have your mind blown!  This bad boy switches between programs/windows opened on your computer.  So let’s say you have Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer open, you can quickly jump from one program to the other by holding down ALT and pressing tab.  If you quickly release ALT after hitting tab, you will be taken back to the last active program you were using, very convenient if you need to work in several programs at once.  OR another amazing way to use this shortcut is by continuing to hold the ALT button after hitting tab; a little window will appear with ALL of your current active programs on your computer.  From here, you can either use the arrows, while continuing to hold the ALT button, to select the program you would like to work in, or you can press tab over and over, while continuing to hold the ALT button, to toggle through the programs until you find the one you want.  Once you have the program you would like active, release the ALT button.  Such a simple and yet powerful shortcut for working more efficiently!  And remember, all computer geeks started somewhere, and now you are one step closer to being like them!  Please comment below or send me a message if you have any questions.  I value your feedback.

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