My Mission

Hi, I am Technically Denise!  This is my journey learning new technology and sharing what I have learned with others.  Why do I say I will learn technology with passion, grit, grace and sometimes chocolate?  I am so glad you asked!  First, I have a PASSION for programming, plain and simple.  Second, I struggle to continue with a task when it becomes too challenging… I will need GRIT to continue learning!  Third, I will definitely fall off the wagon at some point so I need to give myself GRACE to continue.  Lastly, I need CHOCOLATE sometimes to keep going.  No, really, sometimes it will take chocolate…  I hope you learn something today!

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Back to the Basics: ALT + tab

Have you ever watched someone who is extremely computer savvy and felt envious as they effortlessly navigated their computer before you even knew what they were doing?  Yeah, me neither…  Okay, maybe it has happened a couple of times!  These people are so efficient with technology that they are capable of navigating the computer without … Continue reading Back to the Basics: ALT + tab

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